About Us

Larry Morrison has owned and operated Custom Insect & Weed Control, located on the Peninsula, since 1978. Larry, licensed by the WSDA in1969, has extensive experience in the application of pesticides.
Technicians Eric Aubart and Terry Layton joined us in 2008. Eric is the Lawn Department Supervisor. Terry is the Department head for the Pest Control and the Tree and Shrub operations.
Operations Director Scott Collins joined us in January 1999. Scott is licensed by WSDA and is responsible for the Weed Control Department. Scott was called to serve in Iraq late 2004 and rejoined us by mid summer 2006.
Dispatcher, Xan McAllister, joined the crew in January 1997 and runs the daily office operations

Custom Insect & Weed Control is a member of the State and National Pest Associations keeping abreast of the latest information concerning our industry and the applications of pesticides. Our personnel are required to attend educational seminars on a regular basis to stay informed about any changes affecting our industry. Certificates of Insurance provided upon request.
The programs we can offer you are designed to get the job done in a cost efficient and effective manner with minimal disruption to your busy schedule. Our experienced staff will design a program to fit your requirements.
Rodents-Ants-Wasps-Bees: Pests generally enter buildings in search of three things: Food, Water and Shelter. A regular maintenance service program will keep them under control.

Insects/Diseases: An automatic service program will decrease the sucking and chewing populations that are feeding on your valuable landscape. Our ornamental program is designed to hit the insect population at its peak and limit their effect on your landscape. A regular automatic program will allow us to meet the needs of your landscape through out the season.

Add to the natural Beauty of your Location: We design programs that get the best performance out of your turf grass. A healthy well-maintained lawn is more resistant to the invasion of unwanted weeds, moss and other unwanted grasses. Aeration, fertilizing, weed control and over-seeding are available.

A WEED IS ANY PLANT GROWING WHERE IT IS NOT WANTED: Lawns, Planting Beds, Gravel Areas, Driveways, Cracks, Crevices, Parking Areas, Roadsides, Ditches And Pastures, Etc. Get a head start! Let us plan the attack! Unsightly Weeds? Fire Hazards? Call us for your Options!