Pest Control

Pest Control
Application Outside perimeter of house
Technique Pump Can
Frequency Every 3 to 6 months (quarterly recommended)
Goal Prevention of Carpenter Ant Infestation

Concerned about wood destroying insects invading your residence? Our quarterly pest control program keeps them outside where they belong.

There is no need to leave the residence during or after treatment. We do however prefer that pets be kept inside during treatment. There are no toxicity concerns but we prefer that pets are not underfoot.

We apply an invisible barrier to the perimeter of the foundation, deck edges, around doors and windows, support posts, eves and any other area where carpenter ants are trailing in the immediate vicinity around the house.

Existing Carpenter Ant Infestation

Application Wall voids of building
Technique Drill and inject wall voids
Frequency When there is an existing infestation
Goal Eliminate the Carpenter Ant infestation

Existing infestations require drilling small holes into the siding to access wall voids, where we will inject a small amount of odorless water-based material. This material is picked up on the ant’s legs and bodies and carried back to the colony. They transfer the molecules of control product to other ants by contact. This is a very effective way to assure that all ants in the colony are affected.

This treatment is fairly slow acting by design. The ants have formed a satellite colony inside your home that is socially connected to the parent colony outside where they originated. You may see ant activity increase for a few days before the first wave begin to die. Just remember that the ants you see are busy carrying the material to the rest of the colony. This is why we do not want you to kill any ants that are visible, and do not use over the counter insecticides prior or during our treatment.

Typically it takes about two weeks to effect the entire colony.

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